Ben Scheirman



I’m always eager to create things. Here are some of the personal projects I have built.


Quality, bite-sized screencasts for iOS Development. I’ve been recording NSScreencast videos for over 5 years now, releasing a new video each week. The site is built with Ruby on Rails, uses Stripe to process payments. I also released an iOS app and tvOS app.

Side Mirror

An app for presenters who do live demos on a Mac. It shows you what is mirrored on the projector in a small window on your main screen so that you can avoid from ever looking back at the projector to see what’s being displayed there.

GiggleTouch icon


A universal iOS app for toddlers, where touches spawn shapes & letters of various colors and laughter keeps the kiddos entertained. I originally built this in 2010 for my (then) twin toddlers. I then rebuilt it in 2014 using SpriteKit with better graphics and sounds.

I created this website as a useful resource for iOS developers to quickly lookup and test format strings for parsing dates & times. It was heavily inspired by foragoodstrftime in the Ruby world. This site was built with open-source Swift and deployed to Heroku. It is also open-source.

Vibrato FM

This is a podcast I created along with Daniel Pasco to talk about guitars. We were having regular chats anyway, so we decided to make it a podcast form.