Ben Scheirman


A Bunch of Reasons to Love Ruby – HDLUG Presentation

Last night I gave a presentation to the newly created Houston Dynamic Languages User Group, or HDLUG for short.

The title of the presentation was “A bunch of reasons to love ruby” and I think it went over well.  I am not  a ruby expert by any means, but I do practice it regularly and I enjoy spreading my enthusiasm with the language with others.

In the talk we covered:

  • The Ruby Language
  • RubyGems, such as hpricot, rake, and rspec
  • Rails (I created a 5-minute blog demo)
  • Heroku (we published the blog demo to the internet live during the talk)
  • IronRuby (I created a WinForms project using IronRuby)

You can download/view the presentation here:

Thanks for coming!