Ben Scheirman


Announcing Pocket Tabs for iPhone

I previously hinted at an application that I was working on, but wasn’t ready to disclose details.  I have reached a point where I am ready to show what I’ve been working on this past summer.

The basic idea is this:  Guitar Tablature in your pocket, wherever you are

If you don’t know what tablature, check this Wikipedia entry.

Pocket Tabs for iPhone

Pocket Tabs is an iPhone application that aims to be a guitarists companion.  Often times I’ve found myself with a guitar but not in front of a computer.  I know many songs, but usually I need to look them up to refresh my memory before I can play them again.


Pocket Tabs allows you to search for tabs online and view them in a hands-free fashion.  You can even save the tabs to your device so that they’ll be available without an internet connection.  This is perfect for camping, where internet connections are sparse, but guitars are plenty!  It is also useful for iPod Touch owners.  They can load up tabs to their device while they’re on Wi-Fi, and have them ready wherever they are.

iPhone Simulator 6

iPhone Simulator 3

A cool feature that I’m really proud of is “Auto-Scroll”.  Most of the time you’ll be using both of your hands to play the guitar, so this allows you to scroll at a set speed automatically.

iPhone Simulator 2

iPhone Simulator

Submit Tabs Online!

Pocket Tabs searches it’s companion website, for tablature.  These are user-submitted tabs & chords, so if there isn’t a song you like available, you’re free to submit it at

I Need Beta Testers

I’m getting ready to release a beta version, and I need a few beta testers.  So if you play guitar, have an iPhone or iPod Touch, and want to help out, please send an email to beta[AT]pockettabs[DOT]com to express your interest.

I am planning on getting 20-30 beta testers, so get your requests in as soon as possible.  I’ll then send out an email with instructions on how to get started with the beta.


What do you think?  Let me know in the comments!